A “HAUSBESUCH” is a very ambivalent thing. The meaning for that German expression would be roughly translated “homevisit”. But it means  something between visitation and plague. Plague in German means “HEIMSUCHUNG” which also plays with the word home. So it can be the Doctor or even strange creatures that come to your home.

I felt a little bit like that when the four artists Merlin Carter, Mari Matsutoya, Vinzenz Reinecke and Luca Vanello came up with the idea to make a group-intervention called “HAUSBESUCH“. The result with these four talented young Artists was not just four artistic positions beside each other but a collective artistic intervention.

W H O   I S   P E T E R   B E R N D S ?
It may be an Alter-Ego of the artists,  or even of the visitors. His belongings, cover the space. “HAUSBESUCH” was a special experience with four artists who work with different media on the same topic. Originating from Germany, Japan, Italy and New Zealand, all four are or have been students at the UdK in Berlin. All four come from different backgrounds from Literature to Stone cutting, from IT-business to Sound studies. Mari Matsutoya and Luca Vanello have already participated at the “SHANZHAI-SALON” in 2012.

THE ARTISTS (in alphabetical order)

Merlin Carter
comes from New Zealand and currently lives and works in Berlin. After an IT career working with information and language analysis technologies he studied at UdK and in 2010 joined the Institut für Raumexperimente founded by Olafur Eliasson. During his time in Berlin, Merlin has established a practice that focuses on the relationship between bodies and technology.  One of his main questions is to what extent our tools become extension of our bodies?  Merlin uses video, sculpture, and interactive installations to explore these questions and to blur the boundaries between viewer and user. His work involves physical participation by the visitor and has to do with a bodily learning that takes art not as an abstract idea but a concrete experience. He currently is completing his master year at the UdK as a student of Katja Strunz.

Mari Matsutoya
Is working with words, sound, performance, installation and drawings.
Born in Japan, Mari Matsutoya also lived in GB and studied Literature in London. Now doing Sound Studies at UdK in Berlin.
Her poetic and minimalistic approach is dealing with the perception of phenomenas by the individual. In her installations she often combines it to a soundscape. E.g. when she points a camera to the sky and brodcasts the videoimage live to a basement directly underneath it, combining it with a sine-tone that is determined by the color of the sky.
Mari’s Performance “auf / sicht” consisted of her sitting with a laptop observing the visitors of an exhibition, writing down what people were doing and projecting these comments live into the room. The effect was a subtle interaction that pointed out the quality of writing and the selfreflection by the public. Mari’s interventions have a clear and structured poetic quality and avoid anything that could be a loud and superficial effect.

Vinzenz Reinecke
Starting as a stonesmason the Germany-born Vinzenz Reinecke describes himself as “artist, writer, poet, traveller, chess player, musician and storyteller”. Vinzenz studied at the Institut für Raumexperimente, that was lead by Olafur Eliasson and connected to the UdK Berlin. He has lots of travel-experience and in ealry 2014 was working at Studio Ai Weiwei in Beijing.
Vinzenz’s Performances alway involve the element of surprise and public intervention.  E.g. when he walking the streets carrying a huge red cloth behind himself.
When he had his exam at UdK he was reenacting a photo from an exam 100 Years ago, where a student was drawing a horse that was present.
Vinzenz is combining his talent for storytelling and improvisation with a sculptural and decided conceptionalism that derives maybe from his start as a stonesmason.

Luca Vanello
is born in Trieste and studied in Milan and Berlin. After being a master-student of Gregor Schneider he currently is doing his Master in London.
Luca is deconstructing rooms to very basic materials that are often pulverised  and put into a new order. In 2013 he deconstructed an abandoned room of a homeless person and transformed all the materials. From the materasse to personal left-overs of the person. The order that he put the materials into reminds of an archeological excavation-field. Vanello often involves social and political content without using striking or scandalous strategies. He was doing artworks e.g. from a demolished house in East Jerusalem PIC “Revision of an Act” 2014. Or working with material from a room of an asylum-seeker in denmark. Its a minimalism that is calm but in the same moment disturbing in a constructive way.

special intervention by :
BETH DILLON, performance artist